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The Exhibit

The village of Middle Bay, at the entrance of the Bonne Esperance region, is located in an area of striking wilderness. Looking out over this tiny coastal village, it is difficult to imagine that this harbour was once part of a busy crossroads. And yet, for the past 9,000 years, Bonne Esperance and its rich natural resources have attracted people from distant continents and oceans.

The Middle Bay Interpretation Centre vividly brings to life the rich history and culture of this place that was once a gateway to North America, a place where Indigenous peoples from the west met Europeans from the east. The Centre’s permanent exhibit, Crossroads: Five Cultures of Bonne Esperance, describes the diversity of cultures - Innu, Inuit, Basque, French and English – that have all come to these shores to live or work in protected bays and on neighbouring islands. A second exhibit entitled Settlers of Bonne Esperance tells the captivating story of the settlers traditions and daily life. As you walk through the Interpretation Centre, the intriguing photographs and paintings, rare archaeological artefacts and locally produced traditional crafts will allow you to immerse yourself in the rich history of this region. You will discover why so many people came here, and how they adapted to this land.